About Me & This Blog

This blog is about diving into deep theological reflection and conversation about the world, the Church, youth ministry, and life in the Great Emergence.

As for me, I have been doing youth ministry since 1989 and most of the time I’ve even got paid for it! During the college years I served in Washington, Oregon, and North Dakota.  Followed by an amazing  decade at a great church in Glendale, CA, and then nearly 6 years serving in Plano, TX. GOD has now called me as an

    Associate Pastor for youth ministry

at an amazing congregation in Albuquerque, NM.

My greatest passion is to be faithful to the call has given me the first of which is to be husband to my amazing wife Joy and father to our three beautiful children. I am honored that God has let me show up in the lives of youth for His sake.

I love to tell stories. Listen to stories. Watch stories. OR be in a story. I think reality tv and written work can co-exist. Coke and never Pepsi. I think the world is better with coffee of dark roasted finely brewed coffee. I think Evil is real and must be defeated, will be defeated, and already has been defeated. If I had a favorite Bible Verse it would be Zechariah 4:6

  1. emergingyouth says:

    looking forward to staying in conversation with you and sharing thoughts and reflections

  2. rose joiner says:

    i like your blog. it’s a lot to take in, so i have to re read some of it, but it’s got me thinking!

  3. rbj says:

    glendale, i knew i liked ya! i sent ya a couple of emails, let me know you received them.

  4. Terry Tuvey Allen says:

    I remember, thankful to have walked side by side for a part of the journey. I am in awe of your continuing faithful witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus. Blessings!

  5. jeremy zach says:

    Hey how can I contact you?

  6. Thanks. Not sure i agree with everything but a good blog.

  7. Jerry Watts says:

    Thanks Jeremy,

    feel free to catch up with me via

    http://www.facebook.com/wattsjerry OR


  8. David says:

    Hey bud,
    I stumbled upon your blog and like it… watts up lately?

  9. Mike Letzelter says:

    Hi Jerry. I hope all is well with you and the family. I miss you and I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I look forward to reading, praying and listening to God’s word with your help.

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